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June 25, 2011

Trademark Summary

The trademark application CRISIS ALPHA was filed by Kathryn Kaminski, a national of the United States of America (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on July 26, 2011, and it was registered by office on November 2, 2011 without any oppositions.

The application was filed in English (German was selected as the second language).

Total Surrender of the trademark registration was recorded on April 5, 2012. Appointment and Replacement of representative of the trademark registration was recorded on October 31, 2013.

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 16 with following description of goods:
    1. Financial documents
    2. Financial planning guides
    3. Financial newsletters
    4. Newsletters relating to financial matters
    5. Newspapers relating to financial subjects
    6. Printed matter relating to financial services
    7. Printed publications relating to financial services.
  • The mark was filed in class 35 with Financial statement preparation and analysis for businesses.
  • The mark was filed in class 36 with following description of goods:
    1. Administration of financial affairs
    2. Administration of financial covenants
    3. Advisory services relating to [financial]risk management
    4. Advisory services relating to financial investment
    5. Advisory services relating to financial matters
    6. Advisory services relating to financial planning
    7. Analysis (Financial -)
    8. Analysis (financial- )
    9. Appraisals (financial -)
    10. Arranging financial transactions
    11. Asset evaluation [financial]
    12. Automatic accounting services for financial transactions
    13. Automatic recording services for financial transactions
    14. Banking, financial and insurance services
    15. Brokerage (financial -)
    16. Brokerage services for arranging financing by other financial institutions
    17. Brokerage services in financial markets
    18. Brokerage services in the field of financial instruments
    19. Brokerage services on the financial markets
    20. Brokerage services relating to financial instruments
    21. Brokering of financial services
    22. Business appraisals for financial valuation
    23. Collection of financial information
    24. Commodity trading [financial services]
    25. Collections (organising financial -)
    26. Computer information services relating to financial management
    27. Computerised financial advisory services
    28. Computerised financial analysis
    29. Computerised financial data services
    30. Computerised financial information services
    31. Computerised financial services
    32. Computerised financial services for retail businesses
    33. Computerised financial services relating to foreign currency dealings
    34. Computerised information services relating to financial business
    35. Conducting financial feasibility studies
    36. Conducting of financial transactions
    37. Consultancy (Financial -)
    38. Consultancy (financial-)
    39. Consultancy services relating to financial investment
    40. Consultation services relating to financial matters
    41. Consultations [financial]
    42. Economic financial research services
    43. Economic research services [financial]
    44. Estimates for financial purposes
    45. Financial administration services
    46. Financial advice
    47. Financial advice and consultancy services
    48. Financial advice and information services provided by electronic means
    49. Financial advice relating to investment
    50. Financial advice relating to share option schemes
    51. Financial advice relating to trusts
    52. Financial advisory and consultancy services
    53. Financial advisory and management services
    54. Financial advisory services
    55. Financial advisory services for companies
    56. Financial advisory services provided for bankers
    57. Financial advisory services provided for controllers
    58. Financial advisory services relating to assets management
    59. Financial affairs
    60. Financial affairs services
    61. Financial analyses
    62. Financial analyses (preparation of- )
    63. Financial analysis
    64. Financial analysis and consultation
    65. Financial analysis and research services
    66. Financial analysis services
    67. Financial and investment consultancy services
    68. Financial appraisal
    69. Financial appraisal services
    70. Financial appraisals
    71. Financial appraisals and valuations
    72. Financial assessments
    73. Financial asset management
    74. Financial assistance
    75. Financial brokerage
    76. Financial brokerage services
    77. Financial clearing
    78. Financial clearing and settlement services
    79. Financial consultancy
    80. Financial consultancy and advisory services
    81. Financial consultancy and insurance consultancy
    82. Financial consultancy in relation to the buying and selling of businesses
    83. Financial consultancy services
    84. Financial consultation services
    85. Financial consulting
    86. Financial consulting services
    87. Financial economic advisory services
    88. Financial economic analysis
    89. Financial evaluation
    90. Financial evaluations
    91. Financial evaluations [banking]
    92. Financial exchange
    93. Financial exchange services
    94. Financial forecasting
    95. Financial fund management
    96. Financial grant services
    97. Financial guarantee and surety
    98. Financial guarantee assessment services
    99. Financial guarantee services
    100. Financial information
    101. Financial information (provision of- )
    102. Financial information and advisory services
    103. Financial information and evaluations
    104. Financial information for investors
    105. Financial information in the nature of rates of exchange
    106. Financial information management and analysis services
    107. Financial information provided by electronic means
    108. Financial information retrieval services
    109. Financial information services
    110. Financial information services relating to financial stock markets, financial bond markets, currencies, commodities and to businesses
    111. Financial information services for banks provided via computer networks and satellite transmissions
    112. Financial information services for financial institutions provided via computer networks and satellite transmissions
    113. Financial information services provided by access to a computer database
    114. Financial investment
    115. Financial investment advisory services
    116. Financial investment brokerage
    117. Financial investment fund services
    118. Financial investment research services
    119. Financial investment services
    120. Financial investments
    121. Financial management
    122. Financial management advisory services
    123. Financial management and consultancy
    124. Financial management and planning
    125. Financial management for businesses
    126. Financial management of companies
    127. Financial management of current accounts
    128. Financial management of funds
    129. Financial management of holding companies
    130. Financial management of share accounts
    131. Financial management of stocks
    132. Financial management relating to banking
    133. Financial management relating to investment
    134. Financial management services
    135. Financial management services relating to banking institutions
    136. Financial market information services
    137. Financial planning
    138. Financial planning and investment advisory services
    139. Financial planning and management
    140. Financial planning relating to school fees
    141. Financial planning services
    142. Financial portfolio management
    143. Financial reports (preparation of -)
    144. Financial research
    145. Financial research and information services
    146. Financial research services
    147. Financial risk assessment services
    148. Financial risk management
    149. Financial risk management services
    150. Financial services
    151. Financial services for securing funds for others
    152. Financial services in the nature of an investment security
    153. Financial services provided to partnerships
    154. Financial services related to dealing in shares
    155. Financial services relating to business
    156. Financial services relating to buying and trading of commodities
    157. Financial services relating to investment
    158. Financial services relating to stocks
    159. Financial services relating to the securing of funds
    160. Financial strategy consultancy services
    161. Financial studies
    162. Financial transaction services
    163. Financial transaction services relating to interest rate
    164. Financial transactions
    165. Financial trust management
    166. Financial trust operations
    167. Financial transactions relating to currency swaps
    168. Financial valuation services
    169. Financial valuations
    170. Information (Financial -)
    171. Information (financial- )
    172. Information services relating to financial business appraisals
    173. Management (Financial -)
    174. Management (financial-)
    175. Management of financial assets
    176. Organisation of trading markets for financial services
    177. Pension fund financial management
    178. Personal financial banking services
    179. Personal financial planning
    180. Personal financial planning advisory services
    181. Personal financial planning services
    182. Preparation and analysis of financial reports
    183. Preparation of financial analyses
    184. Preparation of financial analyses relating to bond markets
    185. Preparation of financial analyses relating to commodities
    186. Preparation of financial analyses relating to securities
    187. Preparation of financial analysis
    188. Preparation of financial reports
    189. Preparation of financial reports and analysis
    190. Providing financial information
    191. Providing of financial information
    192. Provision of advice [financial]to accident investigators
    193. Provision of computerised financial information
    194. Provision of advice [financial]to loss adjusters
    195. Provision of financial advice
    196. Provision of financial information
    197. Provision of financial information for professionals in the field of portfolio management, for portfolio management
    198. Provision of financial information relating to shares
    199. Provision of financial information relating to the stock exchange
    200. Provision of financial loans against security
    201. Provision of financial protection against foreign exchange risks
    202. Provision of financial securities
    203. Provision of information relating to accounts [financial]
    204. Provision of information relating to financial services
    205. Research (financial- )
    206. Risk management [financial]
    207. Risk management consultancy [financial]
    208. Studies (financial -)
    209. Valuations (financial- ).