EUTM file information


DIVE Madhouse

January 14, 2019

Trademark Summary

The trademark application DIVE Madhouse was filed by DIVE Madhouse AB, a corporation established under the laws of the Kingdom of Sweden (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on January 21, 2019, and it was registered by office on April 30, 2019 without any oppositions.

The application was filed in Swedish (English was selected as the second language).

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 16 with following description of goods:
    1. Pastes and other adhesives for stationery or household purposes
    2. Glue for stationery or household purposes
    3. Gums [adhesives] for stationery or household purposes
    4. Gluten [glue] for stationery or household purposes
    5. Posters
    6. Advertising posters
    7. Posters made of paper
    8. Poster magazines
    9. Business forms
    10. Almanacs
    11. Flyers
    12. Advertisement boards of card
    13. Advertisement boards of paper
    14. Music note books
    15. Reporters' notebooks
    16. Computer hardware users guide
    17. Appliques in the form of decals
    18. Commemorative stamp sheets
    19. Architectural plans
    20. Archival storage pages
    21. Signature books
    22. Display banners of paper
    23. Annuals [printed publications]
    24. Collages
    25. Holders for cheque books
    26. Cheque books
    27. Cheques
    28. Gift certificates
    29. Bulletins
    30. Brochures in the field of real estate sales
    31. Brochures
    32. Embroidery designs [patterns]
    33. Removable tattoos [decalcomania]
    34. Temporary tattoos
    35. Dry transfer characters
    36. Blueprints
    37. Forms, printed
    38. Tickets
    39. Picture postcards
    40. Flash cards
    41. Heat transfers
    42. Debit cards without magnetic coding
    43. Order forms for use in home shopping
    44. Order forms
    45. Baseball cards
    46. Bank checks
    47. Display banners made of cardboard
    48. Pre-paid purchase cards, not magnetically encoded
    49. Birthday cards
    50. Color prints
    51. Colour charts
    52. Leaflets
    53. Covers for postage stamps
    54. Checkbook cases
    55. Passport cases
    56. Flow sheets [printed matter]
    57. Flags of paper
    58. Bunting of paper
    59. Party invitations
    60. Fanzines
    61. Journals
    62. Events programmes
    63. Partially printed forms
    64. Decorative paper garlands for parties
    65. Decorative stickers for soles of shoes
    66. Decorative stickers for helmets
    67. Vehicle bumper stickers
    68. Daily newspaper
    69. Leather covered diaries
    70. Holders for notebooks
    71. Booklets relating to games
    72. Handwriting specimens for copying
    73. Handpainted paper wine bottle labels
    74. Trade journals
    75. Computer software operating manuals
    76. Visitors books
    77. Guest books
    78. Pop-up greetings cards
    79. Greeting cards
    80. Graphic reproductions
    81. Transfers [decalcomanias]
    82. Giclee prints
    83. Gazetteers
    84. Printed stationery
    85. Pre-paid telephone calling cards, not magnetically encoded
    86. Trivia cards
    87. Postage stamps
    88. Photographic reproductions
    89. Photographs [printed]
    90. Bookkeeping forms
    91. Picture cards
    92. Catalogues
    93. Maps made of flexible plastics
    94. Caricatures
    95. Calendars
    96. Legal journals
    97. Christmas cards
    98. Commemorative postage stamps
    99. Entry tickets
    100. Instructional manuals for teaching purposes
    101. Instruction manuals for exercise equipment
    102. Instruction manuals for music synthesizers
    103. Instruction sheets
    104. Information booklets
    105. Informational letters
    106. Informational sheets
    107. Pads of party invitations
    108. Invitation cards
    109. Paper hangtags
    110. Cardboard hangtags
    111. Hotel directories
    112. Home shopping catalogs
    113. Poster books
    114. Business record books
    115. Activity books
    116. Children's activity books
    117. Workbooks containing exercises
    118. Baby books
    119. Baby memory books
    120. Children's books incorporating an audio component
    121. Picture books
    122. Bookbinding material
    123. Book markers of precious metal
    124. Book covers
    125. Book-cover paper
    126. Series of non-fiction books
    127. Series of fiction books
    128. Wedding books
    129. Books for children
    130. Pop-up books
    131. Books in the field of golf instruction
    132. Data books
    133. School yearbooks
    134. Books in the fields of games and gaming
    135. Yearbooks in the field of soccer
    136. Musical score books
    137. Commemorative books
    138. Booklets
    139. Memorandum books
    140. Manga comic books
    141. Textbooks
    142. Leather appointment book covers
    143. Romance novels
    144. Cash receipt books
    145. Graphic art books
    146. Composition books
    147. Coffee table books
    148. Information books
    149. Index books
    150. Manuals [handbooks]
    151. Guide books
    152. Manga graphic novels
    153. Golf yardage books
    154. City directories
    155. Birthday books
    156. Passbook covers
    157. Fantasy books
    158. Bookplates
    159. Dictation books
    160. Encyclopaedias
    161. Exercise books
    162. Reference books
    163. Wirebound books
    164. Printed books in the field of music education
    165. Printed music books
    166. Non-fiction books
    167. Song books
    168. Strategy guide books for computer games
    169. Computer game hint books
    170. Fiction books
    171. Page holders
    172. Graphic novels
    173. Series of computer game hint books
    174. Children's storybooks
    175. Story books
    176. Novels
    177. Drawing books
    178. Rule books
    179. Cookery books
    180. Gift books
    181. Dictionaries
    182. Jackets of paper for books
    183. Music books
    184. Expense books
    185. Coloring books for adults
    186. Colouring books
    187. Magazines [periodicals]
    188. Calendar refills
    189. Paper loyalty cards
    190. Lithographic prints
    191. Address lists
    192. Lenticular postcards
    193. Law digests
    194. Billbooks
    195. Coupon books
    196. Credit cards without magnetic coding
    197. Gift wrap cards
    198. Holiday cards
    199. Occasion cards
    200. Crossword puzzles
    201. Works of art made of paper
    202. Art prints
    203. Art pictures
    204. Clothing patterns
    205. Sticker activity books
    206. Stickers [decalcomanias]
    207. Stickers [stationery]
    208. Classified directories
    209. Paperboard blanks
    210. Magazine covers
    211. Unmounted and mounted photographs
    212. Omikuji [sacred lots] [printed strips of paper used for fortune telling]
    213. News bulletins
    214. Newsletters in the fields of games and gaming
    215. Newsletters
    216. Printed sheet music
    217. Agendas
    218. Knitting patterns
    219. Dressmaking patterns for drawing
    220. Patterns for making clothes
    221. Patterns for dressmaking
    222. Music magazines
    223. Music instruction manuals
    224. Musical greeting cards
    225. Motivational cards
    226. Mounted posters
    227. Monographs
    228. Menu cards
    229. Medical journals
    230. Announcement cards [stationery]
    231. Social note cards
    232. Manuscript books
    233. Iron-on transfers of paper
    234. Iron-on transfers
    235. Prescription reminder pads
    236. Prospectuses
    237. Price lists
    238. Gift cards
    239. Gift vouchers
    240. Score charts
    241. Score pads
    242. Score sheets
    243. Mail order catalogues
    244. Postcards and picture postcards
    245. Prints
    246. Daily planners
    247. Planners [printed matter]
    248. Appointment books
    249. Placards of cardboard
    250. Personal organisers
    251. Passport holders
    252. Advertisement boards of paper or cardboard
    253. Passenger tickets
    254. Paper emblems
    255. Paper patterns
    256. Banners of paper
    257. Pamphlets
    258. Banknotes
    259. Golf scorecards
    260. Collectable cards
    261. Trading cards
    262. Savings stamps
    263. Collector's photographs of players
    264. Trading cards, other than for games
    265. Sports trading cards
    266. Law reports
    267. Revolving circular charts
    268. Role playing game equipment in the nature of manuals
    269. Tear-off calendars
    270. Scoring cards
    271. Score books
    272. Travel magazines
    273. Travellers' cheques
    274. Graphic art reproductions
    275. Advertising signs of paper
    276. Advertising signs of cardboard
    277. Promotional publications
    278. Advertising pamphlets
    279. Reference cards
    280. Computer hardware reference manuals
    281. Paper report covers
    282. General feature magazines
    283. Periodicals
    284. Newsprint paper
    285. Newspapers
    286. Telephone directories
    287. Newspaper comic strips
    288. Thank you cards
    289. Sewing patterns
    290. Study guides
    291. Barcode ribbons
    292. Souvenir programmes
    293. Comic strips
    294. Signboards of paper or cardboard
    295. School photographs
    296. Sketches
    297. Navigation charts for use in sailing craft
    298. Adhesive transfers
    299. Adhesive wall decorations of paper
    300. Signed photographs
    301. Scrapbook pages
    302. Photograph album pages
    303. Comics
    304. Newspaper cartoons
    305. Comic books
    306. Printed novelty wine labels
    307. Printed certificates
    308. Printed informational folders
    309. Printed tickets
    310. Printed visuals
    311. Printed stories in illustrated form
    312. Printed luggage labels
    313. Printed advertising boards of paper
    314. Printed advertising boards of cardboard
    315. Printed teaching materials
    316. Printed advertisements
    317. Printed material in the nature of color samples
    318. Printed training materials
    319. Printed promotional material
    320. Printed instructional material on telecommunications
    321. Printed matter for instructional purposes
    322. Cartoon prints
    323. Prints in the nature of pictures
    324. Blank forms
    325. Dressmaking stencils for drawing
    326. Timetables
    327. Magazine supplements for newspapers
    328. Magazines in the fields of games and gaming
    329. Inflight magazines
    330. Television listing magazines
    331. Printed manuals
    332. Printed curricula
    333. Printed lessons
    334. Printed coupons
    335. Printed cards
    336. Printed consumer reports
    337. Printed art reproductions
    338. Printed calendars
    339. Printed event admission tickets
    340. Printed informational cards
    341. Printed information sheets
    342. Printed informational sheets
    343. Printed paper invitations
    344. Printed cardboard invitations
    345. Printed invitations
    346. Printed greeting cards with electronic information stored therein
    347. Printed lectures
    348. Printed questionnaires
    349. Printed research reports
    350. Printed leaflets
    351. Printed emblems [decalcomanias]
    352. Printed emblems
    353. Printed diplomas
    354. Printed diagrams
    355. Printed transfers for embroidery or fabric appliqués
    356. Printed periodicals in the field of dance
    357. Printed periodicals
    358. Printed charts
    359. Printed mail response cards
    360. Printed answer sheets
    361. Printed survey answer sheets
    362. Printed seminar notes
    363. Printed plans
    364. Printed recipe cards
    365. Printed recipes sold as a component of food packaging
    366. Printed reports
    367. Printed publications
    368. Printed brochures
    369. Printed programmes
    370. Printed paper signs featuring names for use for special events
    371. Printed paper signs featuring table numbers for use for special events
    372. Printed paper signs
    373. Printed paper labels
    374. Printed news releases
    375. Printed patterns for dressmaking
    376. Printed patterns for costumes
    377. Printed patterns
    378. Printed menus
    379. Professional magazines
    380. Coupons
    381. Road maps
    382. Wall charts
    383. Wall calendars
    384. Wall decals
    385. Wallcoverings (Books containing samples of -)
    386. Postcards
    387. White papers
    388. Visiting cards
    389. Paper pennants
    390. Educational and instructional material
    391. Educational publications
    392. Manuals for instructional purposes
    393. Printed guides
    394. Printed vouchers
    395. Printed award certificates
    396. Printed awards
    397. Printed timetables
    398. Printed periodicals in the field of tourism
    399. Printed periodicals in the field of plays
    400. Printed periodicals in the field of movies
    401. Printed periodicals in the field of figurative arts
    402. Absorbent sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging
    403. Sheets of reclaimed cellulose for wrapping
    404. File boxes for storage of business and personal records
    405. File boxes for storage of magazines
    406. Box files
    407. Cardboard boxes
    408. Boxes of paper or cardboard
    409. Paper boxes
    410. Biodegradable paper pulp-based to-go containers for food
    411. Cardboard containers
    412. Containers of paper for packaging purposes
    413. Corrugated containers
    414. Containers for ice made of paper or cardboard
    415. Honeycomb paper
    416. Blister cards
    417. Brown paper for wrapping
    418. Plastic bubble packs for wrapping or packaging
    419. Air bubble plastics for packaging
    420. Carrying cases made of paper
    421. Carrier bags
    422. Cellulose acetate film for wrapping
    423. Cellulose acetate film for packaging
    424. Decorative wrapping paper
    425. Food wrappers
    426. Cardboard mailing tubes
    427. Packaging materials made from mineral-based paper substitutes
    428. Packaging materials made of cardboard
    429. Packaging material made of starches
    430. Packaging materials made of recycled paper
    431. Packaging materials of plastic for sandwiches
    432. Plastic materials for packaging
    433. Cardboard packaging boxes in collapsible form
    434. Packing cardboard
    435. Packaging containers of regenerated cellulose
    436. Cartons of cardboard for packaging
    437. Containers of card for packaging
    438. Blister packs for packaging
    439. Dot matrix printer ribbons
    440. Cardboard packaging boxes in made-up form
    441. Gift wrapping foil
    442. Bottle wrappers of paper or cardboard
    443. Bottle envelopes of paper or cardboard
    444. Films for wrapping foodstuffs
    445. Wrapping paper
    446. Coin wrappers
    447. Wrapping materials made of paper
    448. Packing [cushioning, stuffing] materials of paper or cardboard
    449. Packaging materials
    450. Paperboard boxes [for industrial packaging]
    451. Cardboard packaging
    452. Cartons made from corrugated board
    453. Christmas gift wrap
    454. Ice cube bags
    455. Food-wrapping paper
    456. Gift packaging
    457. Industrial packaging containers of paper
    458. Plastic food storage bags for household use
    459. Food wrapping plastic film for household use
    460. Collapsible cardboard boxes
    461. Collapsible boxes of paper
    462. Hat boxes of paper
    463. Hat boxes of cardboard
    464. Cream containers of paper
    465. Photo storage boxes
    466. Corrugated record storage boxes
    467. Cardboard household storage boxes
    468. Storage containers made of paper
    469. Moistureproof cellophane paper
    470. Humidity control sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging
    471. Freezer bags
    472. Cardboard shipping containers
    473. Paper envelopes for packaging
    474. Paper party bags
    475. Paper ribbons, other than haberdashery or hair decorations
    476. Paper boxes for storing greeting cards
    477. Grocery paper
    478. Paper for bags and sacks
    479. Gunpowder wrapping paper
    480. Wrapping foils for books
    481. Sheets for wrapping made of plastic material
    482. Sheets for wrapping made of paper
    483. Plastic wrap
    484. Covers [stationery]
    485. Paper impregnated with oil for wrapping purposes
    486. Mildewproof paper
    487. Unfitted furniture covers of paper
    488. Food waste bags of paper for household use
    489. Padded bags of paper
    490. Padded bags of card
    491. Cases made of corrugated cardboard
    492. Paper lunch bags
    493. Airtight packaging of paper
    494. Airtight packaging of cardboard
    495. Cling film
    496. Bags made of plastics for packaging
    497. Bags of paper for roasting purposes
    498. Bags of paper for foodstuffs
    499. Bags made of paper for packaging
    500. Bags of bubble plastics for packaging
    501. Bags [envelopes, pouches] of paper or plastics, for packaging
    502. Plastic film roll stock for packaging electronic devices
    503. Food wrapping plastic film
    504. Plastic film for wrapping
    505. Cardboard pizza boxes
    506. Paper padding
    507. Paper sacks
    508. Conical paper bags
    509. Paper bows, other than haberdashery or hair decorations
    510. Paper gift wrap bows
    511. Paper bags and sacks
    512. Paper shopping bags
    513. Paper bags for household use
    514. Paper pouches for packaging
    515. Paper bags
    516. Paperboard trays for packaging food
    517. Paper cartons for delivering goods
    518. Paper take-out cartons for food
    519. Plastic film roll stock for packaging food
    520. Plastic film roll stock for packaging pharmaceuticals
    521. Plastic film for packaging
    522. Plastic bags for packaging ice
    523. Plastic bags for household use
    524. Plastic oven cooking bags
    525. Plastic bags for undergarment disposal
    526. General purpose plastic bags
    527. Plastic pages with pockets for holding photographs
    528. Plastic pages with pockets for holding receipts
    529. Plastic pages with pockets for holding trading cards
    530. Tamper evident tapes of plastic
    531. Polythene films for wrapping or packaging
    532. Polypropylene foil for packing
    533. Cardboard gift boxes
    534. Gift cartons
    535. Paper gift boxes
    536. Paper gift tags
    537. Plastic gift wrap
    538. Paper gift wrapping ribbons
    539. Gift wrap paper
    540. Gift wrap
    541. Cardboard cake boxes
    542. Lining papers for packaging
    543. Padding materials of paper or cardboard
    544. Garbage bags of vinyl for household use
    545. Garbage bags of plastics [for household use]
    546. Garbage bags of paper or of plastics
    547. Rubbish bags
    548. String dispensers for use in packaging
    549. School cones, empty
    550. Adhesive plastic film for wrapping
    551. Adhesive plastic film for packaging
    552. Plastic shopping bags
    553. Tissues
    554. Rolls of plastic film for packaging
    555. Bows for decorating packaging
    556. Decorative paper bows for wrapping
    557. Paper gift bags
    558. Gift bags
    559. Metallic gift wrapping paper
    560. Fluting paper [corrugating medium]
    561. White paperboard
    562. Viscose sheets for wrapping
    563. Paper wine gift bags
    564. Waterproofing film (Plastic -) for packaging
    565. Display boxes of cardboard
    566. Plastic cling film, extensible, for palletization
    567. Fiberboard boxes
    568. Printed packaging materials of paper
    569. Food bag tape for freezer use
    570. Albums
    571. Autograph albums
    572. Autograph books
    573. Wedding albums
    574. Event albums
    575. Photographic albums
    576. Adhesive corners for photographs
    577. Stamp albums
    578. Sleeves for holding and protecting stamps
    579. Albums for stickers
    580. Brag books [photo albums]
    581. Mini photo albums
    582. Coin albums
    583. Collector albums
    584. Albums for collecting magnetic cards
    585. Office staplers
    586. Sealing machines for offices
    587. Stapling guns (Hand-operated -) for stationery use
    588. Stapling guns (Electric -) for stationery use
    589. Punches [office requisites]
    590. Composing frames [printing]
    591. Guillotine machines for office use
    592. Typewriters, electric or non-electric
    593. Paper embossers [office requisites]
    594. Pencil sharpening machines, electric or non-electric
    595. Pencil sharpeners, electric or non-electric
    596. Paper folding machines as office requisites
    597. Paper cutters
    598. Paper binding machine for office use
    599. Label printing machines for household and stationery use
    600. Machines for office use for folding documents
    601. Machines for office use for sorting documents
    602. Envelope sealing machines for offices
    603. Office lettering machines
    604. Letter inserter machines for office use
    605. Credit card imprinters, non-electric
    606. Stapling presses [non-electric staplers]
    607. Office hole punchers
    608. Hand labelling appliances
    609. Manually operated credit card imprinters
    610. Type fonts for typewriters
    611. Rollers for typewriters
    612. Imprinters for office use
    613. Stamp canceling machines
    614. Spools for inking ribbons
    615. Mimeograph apparatus and machines
    616. Stamping machines for office use
    617. Typewriter ribbons
    618. Typewriter keys
    619. Correction pencils
    620. Ink erasers
    621. Correcting fluids [office requisites]
    622. Typewriter correction ribbons
    623. Correction sticks
    624. Correcting ink [heliography]
    625. Correcting film for type
    626. Correction pens
    627. Correcting pencils for type
    628. Correcting tape for type
    629. Correction fluids for documents
    630. Correcting liquids for printer's block
    631. Pencil eraser refills
    632. Rubber erasers
    633. Scrapers [erasers] for offices
    634. Chalk erasers
    635. Erasing products
    636. Typewriter typing elements
    637. Typewriter typeballs
    638. Rubbers for erasing written text
    639. Cap erasers
    640. Writing board erasers
    641. Blackboard erasers [chalk erasers]
    642. Whiteboard erasers
    643. Dry erase markers
    644. Address stamps
    645. Water-writing cloths for calligraphy practice
    646. Wristbands for the retention of writing instruments
    647. Pen and pencil boxes
    648. Bamboo rolls used as writing brush holders
    649. Pencil holders
    650. Pencils with erasers
    651. Pencil leads
    652. Pencil lead holders
    653. Ink for fountain pens
    654. Ink for writing instruments
    655. Seal ink pads
    656. Inkwells
    657. Inkstands
    658. Cartridges (Ink -) for writing instruments
    659. Pen ink cartridges
    660. Fountain pen ink cartridges
    661. Ink pens
    662. Ink stones [ink reservoirs]
    663. Ink sticks
    664. Ink stamps
    665. Marker caddies
    666. Date stamps
    667. Rubber document stamps
    668. Coloured lead pencils
    669. Pencil caps
    670. Ball pens
    671. Pens
    672. Balls for ball-point pens
    673. Calligraphy ink
    674. Pen and pencil holders
    675. Writing brush holders
    676. Writing brush hangers
    677. Skin marker pens
    678. Rubber stamps
    679. Slate pencils
    680. Gel roller pens
    681. Glitter pens for stationery purposes
    682. Pencil extenders
    683. Attachments for pencils
    684. Inking pads
    685. Color pencils
    686. Moisteners for gummed surfaces [office requisites]
    687. Fingerprint kits
    688. Felt marking pens
    689. Felt pens
    690. Ink pen refill cartridges
    691. Refills for ballpoint pens
    692. Pencil lead refills
    693. Pencil cups
    694. Pen stands
    695. Nibs of gold
    696. Nibs
    697. Pencil boxes
    698. Pen cases
    699. Pencil sets
    700. Pen sets
    701. Pencil ornaments [stationery]
    702. Porous tip pens
    703. Pens of precious metal
    704. Pens [office requisites]
    705. Penholders
    706. Writing grips
    707. Extensions for pencils
    708. Pocket pen shields
    709. Leather pencil cases
    710. Pencil cases
    711. Pen rests
    712. Wet erase markers
    713. Marking inks for stationery purposes
    714. Automatic pencils
    715. Composing sticks
    716. Writing instruments
    717. Writing cases [stationery]
    718. Writing brushes for ground calligraphy
    719. Writing brush for calligraphy
    720. Writing brush for Shodo
    721. Writing brushes
    722. Writing chalk
    723. Writing brush calligraphy copybooks
    724. Pen calligraphy copybooks
    725. Writing ink
    726. Pen and pencil cases
    727. Sealing stamps
    728. Numbering stamps
    729. Ball-point pen and pencil sets
    730. Drawing pencils
    731. Drawing materials for blackboards
    732. Drawing ink
    733. Fountain pens
    734. Marking pen refills
    735. Obliterating stamps
    736. Impression stamps
    737. Decorations for pencils
    738. Gift cases for writing instruments
    739. Brush pens
    740. Writing sets
    741. Steel pens
    742. Marking stamps
    743. Stamps [seals]
    744. Seals [stamps]
    745. Stamp pads
    746. Stamp inks
    747. Retractable pencils
    748. Tips for ballpoint pens
    749. Pencil point protectors
    750. Anatomical models for instructional and educational purposes
    751. Atlases
    752. Biological samples for use in microscopy [teaching materials]
    753. Histological sections for teaching purposes
    754. Diagrams
    755. Paint boxes [articles for use in school]
    756. Geographical maps
    757. Blackboards
    758. Children's slates
    759. Celestial globes
    760. Illustrated wall maps for educational purposes
    761. Terrestrial globes
    762. Maps
    763. Cards
    764. Arithmetical tables
    765. Writing slates
    766. Small blackboards
    767. Three dimensional models for educational purposes
    768. Printed correspondence course materials
    769. Printed educational materials
    770. Printed tables
    771. Printed teaching activity guides
    772. Paper teaching materials
    773. Educational books
    774. Teaching materials [except apparatus]
    775. Apparatus for mounting photographs
    776. Binding materials for books and papers
    777. Ink
    778. Bookbindings
    779. Bookbinding apparatus and machines [office equipment]
    780. Cords for bookbinding
    781. Cloth for bookbinding
    782. Bookbinding strips
    783. Bookbinding machines for office use
    784. Bookbinding covers
    785. Printing sets, portable [office requisites]
    786. Binding strips [bookbinding]
    787. Inking ribbons for computer printers
    788. Chromolithographs [chromos]
    789. Electrotypes
    790. Hectographs
    791. Printing blocks
    792. Printers' reglets
    793. Numbers [type]
    794. Steel letters
    795. Galley racks [printing]
    796. Printers' blankets, not of textile
    797. Printing type
    798. Printing sets
    799. Fabrics for bookbinding
    800. Typeface
    801. Printing fonts
    802. Type [numerals and letters]
    803. Address labels
    804. Address plates
    805. Files [office requisites]
    806. Folders for papers
    807. Colouring pens
    808. Memorandum boards
    809. Notepads
    810. Memo pad holders
    811. Jotters
    812. Note books
    813. Stenographers' note books
    814. Pocket notebooks
    815. Note cards
    816. Notebook paper
    817. Noteboards
    818. Filing containers
    819. File folders
    820. File covers
    821. Aromatic modeling materials
    822. Year planners
    823. Flip chart carrying cases
    824. Bookends
    825. Paper letters and numbers
    826. Adhesive-backed letters and numbers
    827. Adhesive-backed vinyl letters and numbers
    828. Leather book covers
    829. Bookmarks, not of precious metal
    830. Paper book markers
    831. Leather bookmarks
    832. Bookmarkers
    833. Flipcharts
    834. Flip books
    835. Blank flip charts
    836. Duplicating inks
    837. Pads [stationery]
    838. Adhesive tape dispensers for household or stationery use
    839. Paper picture mounts
    840. Luggage tags of paper
    841. Baggage claim check tags of paper
    842. Luggage tags of cardboard
    843. Baggage claim check tags of cardboard
    844. Automatic adhesive dispensers for office use
    845. Desktop document racks
    846. Document covers
    847. Document folders in the form of wallets
    848. Paper file jackets
    849. Document files [stationery]
    850. File trays
    851. Document holders [stationery]
    852. File pockets for stationery use
    853. Graph paper
    854. Date indicators
    855. Diaries
    856. Pocket diaries
    857. Desk diaries
    858. Manila envelopes
    859. Letter openers of precious metal
    860. Paper cutters [office requisites]
    861. Letter racks
    862. Paperweights
    863. Headed notepaper
    864. Letter paper [finished products]
    865. Letter files
    866. Letter trays
    867. Letter holders
    868. Paint stick markers
    869. Coloured pens
    870. Inking sheets for duplicators
    871. Inking sheets for document reproducing machines
    872. Fiber-tip markers
    873. Fibertip pens
    874. Party stationery
    875. Paper party decorations
    876. Metallic paper party decorations
    877. Facsimile transmission paper
    878. Paper creasers [office requisites]
    879. Writing cases [sets]
    880. Label paper
    881. Labels of paper or cardboard
    882. Cardboard labels
    883. Ribbons for handheld label printers [office requisites]
    884. Xerographic paper
    885. Electric hole punches
    886. Electric letter openers
    887. Mimeograph stencils
    888. Paper expanding files
    889. Expanding files
    890. Desktop document stands
    891. Paper clip holders
    892. Clips for paper [stationery]
    893. Clips for offices
    894. Folders for blueprints
    895. Cabinets for stationery [office requisites]
    896. Printed flip charts
    897. Reinforced stationery tabs
    898. Sealing compounds for stationery purposes
    899. Square rulers for drawing
    900. Shipping labels
    901. Photographic or art mounts
    902. Map cases
    903. Flip chart cases
    904. Stamp cases
    905. Cases for stationery
    906. Fluorescent paper
    907. Rubber finger tips
    908. Finger-stalls [office requisites]
    909. Pocket secretaries
    910. Pocket calendars
    911. Holders for adhesive tapes
    912. Holders for stamps [seals]
    913. Stamp stands
    914. Holders for desk accessories
    915. Golf scorecard holders
    916. Copyholders
    917. Stapler holders
    918. Correspondence holders
    919. Holders for notepads
    920. Hanging folders
    921. Drawing board pins
    922. Thumbtacks [stationery]
    923. Drawing pins
    924. Handheld label printers [office requisites]
    925. Elastic bands for offices
    926. Gummed tape [stationery]
    927. Protractors as drawing instruments
    928. Glitter glue for stationery purposes
    929. Glitter for stationery purposes
    930. Crepe paper streamers
    931. Manifolds [stationery]
    932. Collators for office use
    933. Cardboard badges
    934. Clips for name badge holders [office requisites]
    935. Sticky tape
    936. Stick markers
    937. Staple removers
    938. Scratch pads
    939. Till rolls
    940. Index cards [stationery]
    941. Card files
    942. Mapping pins
    943. Carbonless copying paper
    944. Tracing cloth
    945. Tracing paper
    946. Calendar stands
    947. Tracing patterns
    948. Calendar desk pads
    949. Legal pads
    950. Illustrated notepads
    951. Illustrated wall maps
    952. Index files
    953. Indexes
    954. Filing cases
    955. Stationery boxes
    956. Pencil trays
    957. Log books
    958. Rulers
    959. Ledgers [books]
    960. Laminated paper
    961. Memo sorters
    962. Envelope paper
    963. Envelopes [stationery]
    964. French curves
    965. Chalk holders
    966. Chalk
    967. Notelets
    968. Name cards
    969. Correcting tapes [office requisites]
    970. Correspondence cards
    971. Copying paper [stationery]
    972. Office paper stationery
    973. Paper stationery
    974. Office requisites, except furniture
    975. Monthly planners
    976. Document markers
    977. Highlighting markers
    978. Marking templates
    979. Marking chalk
    980. Mounting boards
    981. Commemorative stamps [seals]
    982. Marking pens [stationery]
    983. Marking tabs
    984. Marking ink containing biologics for use in authentication of objects
    985. File sorters [office requisites]
    986. Holders for files
    987. Correspondence folders
    988. Folders [stationery]
    989. Manila folders
    990. Stencils [stationery]
    991. Magnetic three-ring binders
    992. Magnetic boards for scheduling activities and appointments
    993. Removable self-stick notes
    994. Loose-leaf binders
    995. Loose-leaf pads
    996. Logbooks [ship's log]
    997. Logbooks [aviation]
    998. Logbooks [book-keeping]
    999. Highlighter pens
    1000. Wet erase paper labels
    1001. Labels of paper
    1002. Paper sheets for note taking
    1003. Paper sheets [stationery]
    1004. Paper for radiograms
    1005. Laser printing paper
    1006. Photocopy paper
    1007. Paper for wrapping books
    1008. Papers for use in the graphic arts industry
    1009. Exercise-book covers
    1010. Notebook covers
    1011. Covers for weekly planners
    1012. Covers for agendas
    1013. Notepaper
    1014. Corkboard pins
    1015. Note pads
    1016. Paper name badges
    1017. Name badges [office requisites]
    1018. Name badge holders [office requisites]
    1019. Nail stencils
    1020. Art mounts
    1021. Pouches for writing instruments
    1022. Paper folders
    1023. Office binders
    1024. Binders
    1025. Pen trays
    1026. Pen clips
    1027. Photograph mounts
    1028. Compasses for drawing
    1029. Scented stationery
    1030. Writing stationery
    1031. Office stationery
    1032. Stationery
    1033. Gift stationery
    1034. Paper racks [office requisites]
    1035. Shields [paper seals]
    1036. Reel paper for printers
    1037. Paper rolls for calculating machines
    1038. Paper tapes and cards for the recordal of computer programmes
    1039. Paper mail pouches
    1040. Paper badges
    1041. Document portfolios
    1042. Paper knives [letter openers]
    1043. Paper fasteners
    1044. Paper clasps
    1045. Paper-clips
    1046. Ring binders
    1047. File dividers
    1048. Register files
    1049. Record cards
    1050. Account slip pads
    1051. Recipe binders
    1052. Straight edges for drawing
    1053. Decorative pencil-top ornaments
    1054. Proofing paper
    1055. Price tags
    1056. Gift tags
    1057. Pigeon holes
    1058. Pocket books [stationery]
    1059. Plotting papers [graph paper as finished products]
    1060. Plastic transparencies
    1061. Plastic envelopes
    1062. Wall planners
    1063. Organizers for stationery use
    1064. Mechanical pencil sharpeners
    1065. Pen wipers
    1066. Pencil sharpeners
    1067. Writing brush washing saucers
    1068. Tailors' chalk
    1069. Writing or drawing books
    1070. Pencil tins
    1071. School supplies [stationery]
    1072. Sketchbooks
    1073. Adhesive pads [stationery]
    1074. Self-adhesive plastic sheets for lining shelves
    1075. Adhesive labels of paper
    1076. Adhesive foils stationery
    1077. Adhesive labels
    1078. Adhesive note paper
    1079. Sealing wax
    1080. Sealing wafers
    1081. Document page markers
    1082. Cases for stamps [seals]
    1083. Stencils for face painting
    1084. Red ink paste used for seals
    1085. Tags for index cards
    1086. Ruled paper [finished products]
    1087. Desktop revolving rotary card files
    1088. Drawing instruments for blackboards
    1089. Drawing instruments
    1090. Lever arch files
    1091. Document stamp racks
    1092. Document file racks
    1093. Stands for pens and pencils
    1094. Spiral-bound notebooks
    1095. Notebook dividers
    1096. Quick reference pocket guides
    1097. Protective covers for books
    1098. Writing tablets
    1099. Whiteboards
    1100. Clipboards
    1101. Writing paper holders
    1102. Writing paper
    1103. Writing materials
    1104. Typewriter paper
    1105. Writing utensils made of fibres
    1106. School writing books
    1107. Writing books
    1108. Desk mats
    1109. Calendar desk stands
    1110. Desk sets
    1111. Desk top planners
    1112. Desk baskets for desk accessories
    1113. Desk organisers
    1114. Desk calendars
    1115. Sharpeners for cosmetic pencils
    1116. Copybooks
    1117. Adhesive note pads
    1118. Weekly planners
    1119. Writing brush washers
    1120. Adhesive printed labels
    1121. Ink sheets for use in reproducing images in the printing industry
    1122. Drafting squares
    1123. Transparencies [stationery]
    1124. Blank paper notebooks
    1125. Blank cards
    1126. Blank paper computer tapes for recording programs
    1127. Blank journals
    1128. Adhesive tape dispensers [office requisites]
    1129. Drawing pads
    1130. Cardboard picture mounts
    1131. T-squares for drawing
    1132. Seals for the office
    1133. Stencil cases
    1134. Lettering stencils
    1135. Stencils
    1136. Steatite [tailor's chalk]
    1137. Whiteboards having magnetic properties
    1138. Display binders
    1139. Desktop business card holders
    1140. Angle plotters [drawing instruments]
    1141. Square rulers
    1142. Squares for drawing
    1143. Tee squares [drawing]
    1144. Angle guides [drawing instruments]
    1145. Bulk paper
    1146. Linerboard for corrugated cardboard
    1147. Ivory manilaboard
    1148. Offset paper
    1149. Offset printing paper for pamphlets
    1150. Industrial paper
    1151. Paper for use in the manufacture of surgical drapes
    1152. Paper for use in the manufacture of tea bags
    1153. Safety paper
    1154. Corrugated paper
    1155. Corrugated board
    1156. Broadsheets
    1157. Cellophane paper
    1158. Computer paper
    1159. Scented paper drawer liners
    1160. Electrostatic paper
    1161. Ivory paper
    1162. Fine paper
    1163. Bond paper
    1164. Wax bond paper
    1165. Onion skin paper
    1166. Colorboard [colored paperboard]
    1167. Calendered paper
    1168. Gummed paper
    1169. Party favor boxes of cardboard
    1170. Shelf paper
    1171. Drawer liners of paper, perfumed or not
    1172. India paper
    1173. Japanese ceremonial paper strings (mizuhiki)
    1174. Recycled bond paper
    1175. Recycled paper
    1176. Paper
    1177. Cardboard made from paper mulberry (senkasi)
    1178. Oilproof paper
    1179. Oiled paper for paper umbrellas (kasa-gami)
    1180. Perforated cards for Jacquard looms
    1181. Opaque paper
    1182. Masking paper
    1183. Folios
    1184. Manila paper
    1185. Manila board
    1186. Loose leaf paper
    1187. Imitation leather paper
    1188. Filler paper
    1189. Pasteboard
    1190. Laser cut paper
    1191. Crepe paper for domestic use
    1192. Directory paper
    1193. Cardboard backing for binding books
    1194. Bristol boards
    1195. Cardboard
    1196. Carbon paper
    1197. Japanese paper (torinoko-gami)
    1198. Paper made from paper mulberry (kohzo-gami)
    1199. Paper made from paper mulberry (tengujosi)
    1200. Dye-sublimation print paper
    1201. Paper for Japanese indoor sliding partitions (fusuma-gami)
    1202. Paper containing mica
    1203. Semi-processed paper
    1204. Business card paper [semi-finished]
    1205. Paper for printing photographs
    1206. Heat transfer paper
    1207. Paper for making bags and sacks
    1208. Reproduction paper
    1209. Mulch paper
    1210. Paper for Japanese sliding screens (shoji-gami)
    1211. Paper for recording machines
    1212. Household paper
    1213. Paper for use in the manufacture of wallpaper
    1214. Paper for use as material of stock certificates (shokenshi)
    1215. Stock certificate paper
    1216. Digital printing paper
    1217. Fiber paper
    1218. Lining paper
    1219. Waxed paper
    1220. Paper signboards
    1221. Paper stock
    1222. Luminous paper
    1223. Silver paper
    1224. Tissue paper for making stencil paper
    1225. Tissue paper for use as material of stencil paper (ganpishi)
    1226. Strips of fancy paper (tanzaku)
    1227. Publication paper
    1228. Plastic coated copying paper
    1229. Glassine paper
    1230. Parchment paper
    1231. Cardboard tubes
    1232. Cloth paper
    1233. Coated paper
    1234. Washi
    1235. Heat sensitive paper
    1236. Postcard paper
    1237. Adhesive paper
    1238. Waxed paper [other than for use in building]
    1239. Waterproof paper [other than for use in building]
    1240. Waterproof paper
    1241. Paper cake decorations
    1242. Wood pulp paper
    1243. Wood pulp board [stationery]
    1244. Blank note cards
    1245. Thick Japanese paper [hosho-gami]
    1246. Magazine paper
    1247. Acid-resistant paper
    1248. Synthetic paper
    1249. Synthetic bond paper
    1250. Supercalendered printing paper
    1251. Millboard
    1252. Stencil paper [mimeograph paper]
    1253. Aquarelles
    1254. Architects' models
    1255. Etchings
    1256. Figurines made from paper
    1257. Figurines [statuettes] of papier mâché
    1258. Photo-engravings
    1259. Graphic prints
    1260. Graphic representations
    1261. Graphic art prints
    1262. Graphic drawings
    1263. Engravings
    1264. Engravings and their reproductions
    1265. Calligraphic works
    1266. Paper cuttings
    1267. Reproductions of paintings
    1268. Lithographs
    1269. Lithographic engravings
    1270. Lithographic works of art
    1271. Paintings
    1272. Paintings [pictures], framed or unframed
    1273. Paintings and calligraphic works
    1274. Oleographs
    1275. Paper cake toppers
    1276. Portraits
    1277. Prints [engravings]
    1278. Pictures
    1279. Figurines made from cardboard
    1280. Sculptures made from papier mache
    1281. Silk screen prints
    1282. Ornamental sculptures made of papier mache
    1283. Cellulose wipes
    1284. Absorbent paper
    1285. Face cloths made of paper
    1286. Face towels of paper
    1287. Facial tissues of paper
    1288. Table decorations of paper
    1289. Tablecloths of paper
    1290. Table place setting mats of card
    1291. Table linen of paper
    1292. Table runners of cellulose
    1293. Table runners of paper
    1294. Table napkins of paper
    1295. Dinner mats of cardboard
    1296. Place mats of paper
    1297. Cocktail mats of paper
    1298. Disposable napkins
    1299. Drip mats of cardboard
    1300. Paper cocktail parasols
    1301. Paper tissues
    1302. Towels of paper
    1303. Paper baby bibs
    1304. Decorative paper centerpieces
    1305. Decorations of cardboard for foodstuffs
    1306. Handkerchiefs of paper
    1307. Coin mats
    1308. Hygienic hand towels of paper
    1309. Kitchen rolls [paper]
    1310. Paper handtowels
    1311. Bibs of paper
    1312. Bibs, sleeved, of paper
    1313. Paper wipes
    1314. Paper lace
    1315. Make-up pads of paper for removing make-up
    1316. Tissue paper
    1317. Napkin paper
    1318. Napkins made of paper for household use
    1319. Napkins of cellulose for cosmetic purposes
    1320. Napkins of cellulose for household purposes
    1321. Paper wipes for cleaning
    1322. Placards of paper or cardboard
    1323. Placards of paper
    1324. Place cards
    1325. Mats of paper for drinking glasses
    1326. Paper tissues for cosmetic use
    1327. Tissues of paper for removing make-up
    1328. Mats of paper for beer glasses
    1329. Mats for beer glasses
    1330. Coasters of paper
    1331. Coasters of cardboard
    1332. Paper washcloths
    1333. Drying towels of paper
    1334. Curve templates [drawing instruments]
    1335. Moulds for modelling clays [artists' materials]
    1336. Children's paint-boxes
    1337. Tracing needles for drawing purposes
    1338. Artists' brushes
    1339. Artists' watercolour saucers
    1340. Modelling clay
    1341. Modeling clay for children
    1342. Modeling compounds
    1343. Paint boxes
    1344. Arts and crafts paint kits
    1345. Painters' easels
    1346. Painting mitts for applying paint
    1347. Palettes for painters
    1348. Illustration boards
    1349. Origami folding paper
    1350. Paper crafts materials
    1351. Eraser dusting brushes
    1352. Handles made of plastics for paint brushes
    1353. Erasing shields
    1354. Relief duplicators
    1355. Wallpaper stencils
    1356. Triangles being drawing instruments
    1357. Animation cels
    1358. Appliqués of paper
    1359. Pencils
    1360. Easel pads
    1361. Brushes for the application of paints
    1362. Canvas for painting
    1363. Canvas panels for artists
    1364. Electrical wood burning artists' pens
    1365. Etching needles
    1366. Etching pens
    1367. Colored craft and art sand
    1368. Paint applicator rollers
    1369. Paint applicators in the nature of sponges
    1370. Crayons
    1371. Colour sample cards
    1372. Pads for applying paint
    1373. Paint rollers
    1374. Crepe paper
    1375. Spray chalk
    1376. Chalk for lithography
    1377. Chalks for artists' use
    1378. Craft paper
    1379. Art paper
    1380. Artists' pens
    1381. Artists' modelling materials
    1382. Artists' materials
    1383. Artists' charcoals
    1384. Canvas prints
    1385. Calligraphy paper
    1386. Japanese paper
    1387. Japanese handicraft paper
    1388. Paint roller handles
    1389. Hand-rests for painters
    1390. Engraving plates
    1391. Photograph stands
    1392. Transfer paper
    1393. Paint roller covers
    1394. Pantographs [drawing instruments]
    1395. Oil pastels
    1396. Drawing shields
    1397. Painting sets for artists
    1398. Painting sets for children
    1399. House painters' rollers
    1400. Decorators' paintbrushes
    1401. Paintbrushes
    1402. Painting pencils
    1403. Paint trays
    1404. Paint boxes and brushes
    1405. Modelling wax, not for dental purposes
    1406. Modelling paste
    1407. Modelling materials
    1408. Polymer modelling clay
    1409. Graining combs
    1410. Trays for holding drafting instruments
    1411. Trays for holding drawing instruments
    1412. Lithographic stones
    1413. Chalks for drawing
    1414. Chalks for colouring
    1415. Drawing boards
    1416. Drawing boards [painters' articles]
    1417. Drawing sets
    1418. Rice paper
    1419. Plastics for modelling
    1420. Painters' brushes
    1421. Artists' pencils
    1422. Artists' pastels
    1423. Pastels [crayons]
    1424. Pastels
    1425. Paper passe-partouts
    1426. Paper garlands
    1427. Decorations of paper for foodstuffs
    1428. Papers for painting and calligraphy
    1429. Papier mâché
    1430. Indian inks
    1431. Charcoal pencils
    1432. Stipple applicators for use by painters
    1433. Stencil plates
    1434. Canvas stretcher bars for artists
    1435. Drawing rulers
    1436. Adhesive plastic film used for mounting images
    1437. Silk canvas [painters' article]
    1438. Stencils for decorating food and beverages
    1439. Paint roller trays
    1440. Drawing brushes
    1441. Drawing pens
    1442. Drawing paper
    1443. Drafting templates
    1444. Drawing materials
    1445. Vignetting apparatus
    1446. Watercolor boards
    1447. Die-cut paper shapes
    1448. Sketch boards
    1449. Chinese ink sticks
    1450. India ink pens
    1451. Adhesives for art use
    1452. Double sided adhesive tapes for stationery use
    1453. Double sided adhesive tapes for household use
    1454. Isinglass for stationery or household purposes
    1455. Paper carton sealing tape
    1456. Red algae gelatine glue, for stationery or household purposes [funori]
    1457. Gelatine glue for stationery or household purposes
    1458. Gummed cloth for stationery purposes
    1459. Rubber cements for stationery
    1460. Spirit gum for household use
    1461. Spirit gum for stationery purposes
    1462. Glues for office use
    1463. Adhesives for household purposes
    1464. Adhesives for stationery
    1465. Adhesive bands for stationery or household purposes
    1466. Latex glue for stationery or household purposes
    1467. Gum arabic glue for stationery or household purposes
    1468. Paste for handicraft, for stationery or household purposes (banjaku-nori)
    1469. Adhesives for do-it-yourself purposes
    1470. Glue pens for stationery purposes
    1471. Paper tapes
    1472. Wood glue for household use
    1473. Fabric glue for household use
    1474. Adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes
    1475. Starch paste for stationery
    1476. Starch paste [adhesive] for stationery or household purposes
    1477. Seaweed glue for stationery
    1478. Self-adhesive tapes for stationery use
    1479. Adhesive materials for office use
    1480. Adhesive packaging tapes
    1481. Self-adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes
    1482. Plastic adhesives for stationery or household purposes.
  • The mark was filed in class 41 with following description of goods:
    1. Writing services for blogs
    2. On-line publishing services
    3. Electronic online publication of periodicals and books
    4. Electronic publication of texts and printed matter, other than publicity texts, on the Internet
    5. Electronic desktop publishing
    6. Electronic text publishing services
    7. Writing and publishing of texts, other than publicity texts
    8. Writing screenplays
    9. Writing of texts, other than publicity texts, for broadcast via teletext services
    10. Publishing services
    11. Song publishing
    12. Publishing services, except printing
    13. Calligraphy services
    14. Editorial consultation
    15. Advisory services relating to publishing
    16. Consultation services relating to the publication of books
    17. Consultation services relating to the publication of written texts
    18. Consultation services relating to the publication of magazines
    19. Custom writing services for non-advertising purposes
    20. Layout services, other than for advertising purposes
    21. Literary agency services
    22. Scriptwriting services
    23. Multimedia publishing
    24. Publication of year books
    25. Publication of documents in the field of training, science, public law and social affairs
    26. Publishing of documents
    27. Publication of books, magazines, almanacs and journals
    28. Publication of books relating to television programmes
    29. Publication of work manuals for business management
    30. Publication of posters
    31. News syndication for the broadcasting industry
    32. News reporters services
    33. News programming services for transmission across the internet
    34. News programme services for radio or television
    35. Music transcription services
    36. Music publishing services
    37. Music transcription for others
    38. Music publishing and music recording services
    39. Multimedia publishing of printed matter
    40. Multimedia publishing of magazines, journals and newspapers
    41. Multimedia publishing of journals
    42. Multimedia publishing of magazines
    43. Multimedia publishing of electronic publications
    44. Multimedia publishing of newspapers
    45. Multimedia publishing of books
    46. Publication of sheet music
    47. Publication of musical texts
    48. Publication of multimedia material online
    49. Publication of material which can be accessed from databases or from the internet
    50. Publishing a newspaper for customers on the Internet
    51. Publication of consumer magazines
    52. Publication of directories relating to tourism
    53. Publication of directories relating to travel
    54. Publication of catalogues
    55. Publication of calendars
    56. Publication of instructional literature
    57. Publishing of instructional books
    58. Services for the publication of newsletters
    59. Services for the publication of guide books
    60. Publication of manuals
    61. Publication of photographs
    62. Publication of fact sheets
    63. Publication of calendars of events
    64. Publication of electronic magazines
    65. Publication of electronic newspapers accessible via a global computer network
    66. Publishing of electronic publications
    67. Online publication of electronic newspapers
    68. Publication of electronic books and periodicals on the Internet
    69. Publication of training manuals
    70. Publication of educational teaching materials
    71. Publication of printed directories
    72. Publication of printed matter, also in electronic form, except for advertising purposes
    73. Publication of printed matter, other than publicity texts
    74. Publication of printed matter, other than publicity texts, in electronic form
    75. Publication of printed matter relating to education
    76. Publishing of printed matter relating to french wines
    77. Publication of printed matter
    78. Publishing of magazines in electronic form on the Internet
    79. Publication of texts, other than publicity texts
    80. Publication of lyrics of songs in sheet form
    81. Publication of lyrics of songs in book form
    82. Publication of texts
    83. Publishing of scripts for theatrical use
    84. Publication of educational texts
    85. Publication of texts and images, including in electronic form, except for advertising purposes
    86. Publication of the editorial content of sites accessible via a global computer network
    87. Publication of prospectuses
    88. Publication of online reviews in the field of entertainment
    89. Speech writing for non-advertising purposes
    90. Reference libraries of literature and documentary records
    91. Editing of written texts
    92. Editing of written texts, other than publicity texts
    93. Publication of leaflets
    94. Publication of texts in the form of electronic media
    95. Publishing services for periodical and non-periodical publications, other than publicity texts
    96. Multimedia entertainment software publishing services
    97. Digital video, audio and multimedia entertainment publishing services
    98. Publishing services (including electronic publishing services)
    99. Publishing by electronic means
    100. On-line publication of electronic books and journals (non-downloadable)
    101. On-line publication of electronic books and journals
    102. Publication and edition of books
    103. Publication and editing of printed matter
    104. Publishing of web magazines
    105. Publication of scientific information journals
    106. Publishing of scientific papers
    107. Publication of educational and training guides
    108. Publication of audio books
    109. Publication of booklets
    110. Publication of books relating to entertainment
    111. Publication of books
    112. Publishing of stories
    113. Providing publications from a global computer network or the internet which may be browsed
    114. Providing on-line publications
    115. Provision of information relating to publishing
    116. Providing on-line electronic publications, not downloadable
    117. Provision of electronic publications (not downloadable)
    118. Providing electronic publications
    119. TV and radio presenter services
    120. Providing online non-downloadable comic books and graphic novels
    121. Providing online graphic novels, not downloadable
    122. Providing electronic publications relating to language training, not downloadable
    123. Providing online electronic publications in the field of music, not downloadable
    124. Providing on-line non-downloadable general feature magazines
    125. Writing of texts, other than publicity texts
    126. Writing of texts
    127. Provision of video recording studio services
    128. Rental of magazines
    129. Rental of newspapers and magazines
    130. Publishing of journals
    131. Newspaper publication
    132. Publishing services for books and magazines
    133. Publication of magazines
    134. Publication of educational books
    135. Publication of printed matter and printed publications
    136. Editing of printed matter containing pictures, other than for advertising purposes
    137. Publication of printed matter in electronic form on the Internet
    138. Publication of printed matter in electronic form
    139. Publication of printed matter relating to intellectual property rights
    140. Publication of periodicals and books in electronic form
    141. Publication of newspapers, periodicals, catalogs and brochures
    142. Publication of text books
    143. Publishing of reviews
    144. Issue of publications
    145. Publication of music books
    146. Publishing of musical works
    147. Organisation of artistic competitions
    148. Organisation of dancing competitions
    149. Arranging of an annual educational conference
    150. Organisation of football competitions
    151. Arranging of quizzes
    152. Arranging of lectures
    153. Arranging of athletics competitions
    154. Arranging of demonstrations for cultural purposes
    155. Arranging of demonstrations for training purposes
    156. Arranging of courses of instruction for tourists
    157. Arranging of conferences
    158. Arranging of conferences relating to trade
    159. Organisation of conferences related to entertainment
    160. Arrangement of conferences for recreational purposes
    161. Arranging and conducting of commercial, trade and business conferences
    162. Arranging of conferences relating to cultural activities
    163. Arranging of conferences relating to advertising
    164. Arranging of conventions for training purposes
    165. Arranging of competitions via the Internet
    166. Arranging of competitions for education or entertainment
    167. Arranging of competitions for educational purposes
    168. Arranging of competitions for entertainment purposes
    169. Organisation of sports tournaments
    170. Organisation of games and competitions
    171. Arranging of games
    172. Arranging of seminars relating to advertising
    173. Arranging of seminars relating to business
    174. Organisation of seminars and conferences
    175. Arrangement of seminars for educational purposes
    176. Arrangement of seminars for recreational purposes
    177. Arranging of seminars relating to cultural activities
    178. Arranging of seminars relating to trade
    179. Arranging of conventions for cultural purposes
    180. Arranging of conventions for business purposes
    181. Arranging of award ceremonies
    182. Arranging of award ceremonies to recognise achievement
    183. Organisation of meetings and conferences
    184. Arranging of conventions for entertainment purposes
    185. Arrangement of conventions for educational purposes
    186. Arrangement of conventions for recreational purposes
    187. Arranging, conducting and organisation of workshops
    188. Arranging of displays for educational purposes
    189. Arranging of competitions for training purposes
    190. Arranging of competitions for cultural purposes
    191. Arranging of conferences relating to business
    192. Arranging, conducting and organisation of symposiums
    193. Arranging, conducting and organisation of seminars
    194. Arranging, conducting and organisation of congresses
    195. Arranging, conducting and organisation of conferences
    196. Arranging and conducting competitions
    197. Arranging and conducting of competitions [education or entertainment]
    198. Arranging and conducting of games
    199. Arranging and conducting of conventions
    200. Arranging and conducting conferences and seminars
    201. Arranging and conducting of conferences and congresses
    202. Arranging and conducting of sports competitions
    203. Arranging of demonstrations for educational purposes
    204. Conducting of exhibitions for entertainment purposes
    205. Arranging of displays for training purposes
    206. Organising of exhibitions for entertainment purposes
    207. Arranging of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes
    208. Organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes
    209. Organising of competitions for education
    210. Organising of entertainment competitions
    211. Arranging of seminars relating to entertainment
    212. Consultancy and information services relating to arranging, conducting and organisation of congresses
    213. Art exhibition services
    214. Conference services
    215. Conducting workshops and seminars in self awareness
    216. Conducting workshops and seminars in art appreciation
    217. Arranging of displays for cultural purposes
    218. Conducting of competitions on the Internet
    219. Conducting of seminars and congresses
    220. Organisation of seminars
    221. Conducting of conventions for entertainment purposes
    222. Conducting of conventions
    223. Arranging of exhibitions for educational purposes
    224. Arranging of an annual conference relating to procurement
    225. Arranging and conducting educational conferences
    226. Arranging and conducting of seminars
    227. Arranging and conducting award ceremonies
    228. Arranging and conducting of congresses
    229. Arranging and conducting of conferences
    230. Arranging and conducting of seminars and workshops
    231. Arranging and conducting of conferences, congresses and symposiums
    232. Arranging and conducting of lectures
    233. Organisation of golf competitions
    234. Organization of golf tournaments
    235. Organization of soccer competitions
    236. Organising of esports competitions
    237. Organisation of e-sports competitions
    238. Organisation of esports events
    239. Organization of competitions
    240. Organisation of professional golf tournaments or competitions
    241. Providing museum facilities [presentation, exhibitions]
    242. Museum exhibitions
    243. Organization of fashion shows for entertainment purposes
    244. Conducting of exhibitions for educational purposes
    245. Arrangement of conferences for educational purposes
    246. Operating quizzes
    247. Consulting services in the field of culinary competitions
    248. Consultancy relating to the organisation of culinary competitions
    249. Consultancy and information services relating to arranging, conducting and organisation of conferences
    250. Organization of competitions [education or entertainment]
    251. Seminars
    252. Planning of seminars for educational purposes
    253. Planning of conferences for educational purposes
    254. Planning of lectures for educational purposes
    255. Organising and holding figure skating championships and competitions
    256. Organisation of yacht races
    257. Organising of education exhibitions
    258. Arranging of exhibitions for training purposes
    259. Conducting of instructional seminars
    260. Organisation of quizzes, games and competitions
    261. Organisation of competitions and awards
    262. Organisation of tennis tournaments
    263. Organising of shows for educational purposes
    264. Organisation of seminars relating to training
    265. Organisation of seminars relating to education
    266. Organising of racing competitions
    267. Arranging of award ceremonies to recognise bravery
    268. Exhibition of video film sound tracks
    269. Exhibition services for educational purposes
    270. Exhibition services for entertainment purposes
    271. Cultural, educational or entertainment services provided by art galleries
    272. Conducting of phone-in competitions
    273. Services for the organisation of quizzes
    274. Providing information on congress events
    275. Provision of automated video recording services
    276. Rental of scenery for television studios
    277. Post-production editing services in the field of music, videos and film
    278. Film and video tape film production
    279. Film production services
    280. Film production for entertainment purposes
    281. Film production, other than advertising films
    282. Film editing
    283. Film editing (Photographic -)
    284. Film directing, other than advertising films
    285. Aerial photography
    286. Photography
    287. Photo editing
    288. Photographic composition for others
    289. Projection of cine-films for medical purposes
    290. Projection of cine-films for technical purposes
    291. Creating animated cartoons
    292. Preparation of radio and television programmes
    293. Information services relating to video films
    294. Recording of music
    295. Recording, film, video and television studio services
    296. Recording studio services
    297. Production of audio/visual presentations
    298. Animation production services
    299. Production of animated cine-film clips
    300. Production of animated and live action programmes
    301. Presentation of television programmes
    302. Presentation of radio programmes
    303. Portrait photography
    304. Production of musical videos
    305. Production of music
    306. Music cassettes (Rental of -)
    307. Music recording studio services
    308. Microfilming for others
    309. Microfilming
    310. Sound engineering services for events
    311. Sound recording and video entertainment services
    312. Audio, film, video and television recording services
    313. Audio and video recording services
    314. Leasing of cine-film apparatus
    315. Leasing of cinemas
    316. Consultancy on film and music production
    317. Cinematographic adaptation and editing
    318. Recording services
    319. Rehearsal [recording] studio services
    320. Recording studio services for the production of sound bearing discs
    321. Recording studio services for films
    322. Radio programming [scheduling]
    323. Production of operas
    324. Production of musical recordings
    325. Production of musical works in a recording studio
    326. Production of audio master recordings
    327. Production of record masters
    328. Production of audio entertainment
    329. Production of audio programs
    330. Production of sound recordings
    331. Production of audio tapes for entertainment purposes
    332. Production of educational sound and video recordings
    333. Production of video and/or sound recordings
    334. Production of sound and music recordings
    335. Production of sound and image recordings on sound and image carriers
    336. Production of cable television programs
    337. Live entertainment production services
    338. Production of graphical cine-film clips
    339. Production of pre-recorded video films
    340. Production of pre-recorded cinema films
    341. Production of films on aspects of association football
    342. Production of films in studios
    343. Production of films for educational purposes
    344. Production of cinematographic films
    345. Production of a continuous series of animated adventure shows
    346. Production of audio-visual recordings
    347. Production of educational television programmes
    348. Production of teaching reports
    349. Production of entertainment in the form of video tapes
    350. Production of entertainment in the form of a television series
    351. Production of entertainment in the form of television programmes
    352. Services for the production of entertainment in the form of television
    353. Production of entertainment in the form of sound recordings
    354. Production of television entertainment features
    355. Production of television programs for broadcast on mobile devices
    356. Television show production
    357. Production of television features
    358. Production of television films
    359. Production of closed caption television programs
    360. Production of animated programmes for use on television and cable
    361. Production of talent shows
    362. Production of sporting events for radio
    363. Production of sporting events for film
    364. Production of sporting events for television
    365. Production of special effects for television
    366. Production of special effects for radio
    367. Production of special effects for films
    368. Shows and films production
    369. Production of revue shows before live audiences
    370. Radio entertainment production
    371. Services for the production of radio programmes
    372. Motion picture song production
    373. Syndication of radio programmes
    374. Television program syndication
    375. Audio and video editing services
    376. Editing or recording of sounds and images
    377. Editing of video recordings
    378. Videotape editing
    379. Editing of radio programmes
    380. Editing of audio recordings
    381. Editing of audio-tapes
    382. Editing of cine-films
    383. Editing of television programmes
    384. Television, radio and film production
    385. Television and radio programming [scheduling]
    386. Programming [scheduling of programs] on a global computer network
    387. Video tape film production and rental
    388. Production and presentation of radio programmes
    389. Production of video discs for others
    390. Production of video cassettes
    391. Production of video recordings
    392. Production of video tapes and video discs
    393. Production of video tapes for corporate use in management educational training
    394. Production of video tapes for corporate use in corporate educational training
    395. Production of training videos
    396. Production of training films
    397. Business training services
    398. Academic mentoring of school age children
    399. Academic examination services
    400. Education academy services for teaching art history
    401. Education academy services for teaching construction drafting
    402. Arranging of festivals for educational purposes
    403. Services for the organisation of football events
    404. Arranging of festivals for training purposes
    405. Organising of educational lectures
    406. Provision of gymnastic instruction
    407. Organising of business training
    408. Provision of training courses
    409. Provision of training and education
    410. Arrangement of training courses in teaching institutes
    411. Organisation of courses using open learning methods
    412. Organisation of courses using distance learning methods
    413. Provision of skill assessment courses
    414. Organisation of correspondence courses
    415. Organisation of continuing educational seminars
    416. Organising of commercial training
    417. Provision of instruction courses in general management
    418. Provision of training courses in personal development
    419. Provision of instruction courses in finance
    420. Arranging of courses of instruction
    421. Provision of training services for industry
    422. Provision of training services for business
    423. Provision of instruction relating to communications techniques
    424. Providing training courses on business management
    425. Organisation of training courses relating to design
    426. Arranging of training courses
    427. Organization of educational congresses
    428. Providing of education
    429. Preparation of educational courses and examinations
    430. Teaching
    431. Organisation of examinations [educational]
    432. Organisation of examinations to grade level of achievement
    433. Arranging of presentations for educational purposes
    434. Personal development courses
    435. Arranging teaching programmes
    436. Arranging of classes
    437. Employment training
    438. Arranging and conducting of workshops [training]
    439. Arranging and conducting of workshops and seminars in self-awareness
    440. Arranging and conducting of training seminars
    441. Arranging and conducting of educational courses
    442. Arranging and conducting of educational events
    443. Arranging and conducting of educational discussion groups, not on-line
    444. Arranging and conducting of training courses
    445. Arranging and conducting of soccer training programs
    446. Arranging and conducting of in-person educational forums
    447. Arranging and conducting of meetings in the field of education
    448. Arranging and conducting of tutorials
    449. Arranging and conducting of day school courses for adults
    450. Arranging and conducting of classes
    451. Arranging professional workshop and training courses
    452. Coaching [training]
    453. Teaching of needlework
    454. Arranging and conducting of wine tasting events for educational purposes
    455. Arranging for students to participate in educational courses
    456. Arranging for students to participate in educational activities
    457. Lecture services relating to marketing skills
    458. Lecture services relating to selling skills
    459. Distance learning services provided online
    460. Conducting of courses
    461. Arranging of workshops and seminars
    462. Conducting courses, seminars and workshops
    463. Conducting of classes
    464. Conducting distance learning instruction at the university level
    465. Conducting distance learning instruction at the secondary level
    466. Conducting distance learning instruction at the college level
    467. Conducting distance learning instruction at the primary level
    468. Conducting distance learning instruction at the graduate level
    469. Management of education services
    470. Business training provided through a game
    471. Lecture services relating to management skills
    472. Teaching of french to children through recreation
    473. Continuous training
    474. Occupationally orientated instruction
    475. Primary education services
    476. Conducting workshops [training]
    477. Conducting of educational events
    478. Training of personnel in skills relating to word-processing
    479. Training of personnel in skills relating to typewriting
    480. Training of financial personnel
    481. Coaching in economic and management matters
    482. Tuition in oenology
    483. Training services relating to finance
    484. Training in business skills
    485. Provision of information relating to training
    486. Industrial training
    487. Higher education services
    488. Residential training courses
    489. Industrial relations training
    490. Training in the use of photographic equipment
    491. Coaching relating to finance
    492. Training and instruction
    493. Training in the maintenance of word processors
    494. Physical fitness instruction for adults and children
    495. Institutes of education (Services provided by -)
    496. Educational examination services (Information relating to -)
    497. Information services relating to books
    498. Information services relating to schools
    499. Training in communication techniques
    500. Training services relating to business management
    501. Training services relating to retail marketing
    502. Training services relating to retail management
    503. Training
    504. Training courses in strategic planning relating to advertising, promotion, marketing and business
    505. Instruction courses relating to sporting activities
    506. Instructional and training services
    507. Sports tuition, coaching and instruction
    508. Instruction in sporting activities
    509. Instruction services relating to sports
    510. Training services relating to health and safety
    511. Consultancy services relating to the education and training of management and of personnel
    512. Education and training consultancy
    513. Consultation services relating to business education
    514. Consultancy services relating to academic subjects
    515. Consultancy and information services relating to arranging, conducting and organisation of workshops
    516. Training and further training consultancy
    517. Consultancy services relating to the training of employees
    518. Management training consultancy services
    519. Consultancy services relating to the analysis of training requirements
    520. Business training consultancy services
    521. Modelling for artists
    522. Club education services
    523. Career counseling [education]
    524. Career advisory services (education or training advice)
    525. Career information and advisory services (educational and training advice)
    526. Calligraphy instruction
    527. Calligraphy academies
    528. Interviewing of contemporary figures for educational purposes
    529. Boarding school education
    530. Primary education services relating to literacy
    531. Teacher training services
    532. Conducting instructional courses
    533. Conducting of business conferences
    534. Self-awareness courses [instruction]
    535. Personal development training
    536. Courses for the development of consulting skills
    537. Educational courses relating to finance
    538. Correspondence courses relating to personal investment
    539. Correspondence courses relating to investment
    540. Consultancy services relating to the development of training courses
    541. Painting instruction
    542. Museum facilities (Provision of -) for presentations
    543. Conducting of educational courses relating to business management
    544. Conducting of educational courses relating to business
    545. Conducting of educational courses
    546. Conducting of courses relating to business management
    547. Conducting of courses relating to business administration
    548. Conducting of courses relating to administrative training
    549. Know-how transfer [training]
    550. Personnel training
    551. Perceptual teaching services
    552. Organisation of teaching activities
    553. Organisation of training courses
    554. Organising of meetings in the field of education
    555. Organisation of courses using self-tuition methods
    556. Organisation of conferences relating to vocational training
    557. Organisation of training
    558. Organisation of educational events
    559. Organisation of sports tuition
    560. Organisation of language tuition
    561. Consultancy relating to physical fitness training
    562. Professional consultancy relating to education
    563. Production and rental of educational and instructional materials
    564. Production of course material distributed at professional seminars
    565. Production of course material distributed at professional courses
    566. Production of course material distributed at professional lectures
    567. Production of course material distributed at management seminars
    568. Production of course material distributed at management courses
    569. Production of course material distributed at management lectures
    570. Personal coaching [training]
    571. Staff training services
    572. Staff training services relating to modern office technology
    573. Sales training services for retailers
    574. School services for the teaching of construction draughting
    575. School services for the teaching of languages
    576. School services for the teaching of art
    577. School services
    578. School courses relating to study assistance
    579. Advisory services relating to education
    580. Educational advisory services
    581. Consultancy relating to vocational skills training
    582. Consultancy services relating to training
    583. Vocational guidance [education or training advice]
    584. Recreation and training services
    585. Telephone information services relating to education
    586. Technical training relating to industrial risk
    587. Drawing instruction
    588. Engineering training services
    589. Team building (education)
    590. Linguistic education and training services
    591. Language courses
    592. Dissemination of educational material
    593. Remedial tuition in language
    594. Teaching in the field of remedial reading
    595. Written training courses
    596. Providing education courses relating to the travel industry
    597. Provision of education courses
    598. Provision of facilities for tuition
    599. Providing online courses of instruction
    600. Provision of online training
    601. Providing information about online education
    602. Provision of information and preparation of progress reports relating to education and training
    603. Providing of information relating to continuing education via the Internet
    604. Provision of information relating to physical education via an online web site
    605. Provision of information relating to physical training via an online web site
    606. Provision of information on fitness training via an online portal
    607. Conducting training sessions on physical fitness online
    608. Providing of continuous training courses
    609. Providing of further training courses
    610. Provision of educational examinations
    611. Provision of online tutorials
    612. Issuing of educational awards
    613. Provision of educational entertainment services for children in after school centers
    614. Coaching services for sporting activities
    615. Educational institute services
    616. Physical fitness centre services
    617. Educational assessment services
    618. Vocational training services
    619. Staff training services relating to the retail trade
    620. English language education services
    621. Commercial training services
    622. Services for arranging teaching programmes
    623. Providing courses of instruction at post-graduate level
    624. Providing online training seminars
    625. Providing courses of instruction at high school level
    626. Providing courses of instruction at college level
    627. Provision of educational information
    628. Provision of training via a global computer network
    629. Courses (Training -) relating to management
    630. Exercise classes
    631. Tuition in management
    632. Photography instruction
    633. Teaching services for communication skills
    634. Tuition in accounts
    635. Educational services relating to oenology
    636. Education services related to the arts
    637. Educational services relating to sales training
    638. Education services relating to photographic printing
    639. Education services relating to photography
    640. Teaching at junior high schools
    641. Teaching at elementary schools
    642. Educating at senior high schools
    643. Teaching and training in business, industry and information technology
    644. Instruction in the field of the performing arts
    645. Instruction in the field of the visual arts
    646. Educational instruction
    647. Educational and teaching services
    648. Teaching of interior design
    649. Management education services
    650. Education services in the nature of courses at the university level
    651. Educational services relating to architecture
    652. Education services relating to photographic developing
    653. Educating at university or colleges
    654. Provision of facilities for education
    655. Provision of courses of instruction relating to personal time management
    656. Provision of courses of instruction in languages
    657. University education services
    658. University services
    659. Education academy services for teaching languages
    660. Teaching services relating to business assistance
    661. Education services relating to painting
    662. Training relating to sales
    663. Provision of training facilities
    664. Training in the field of design
    665. Training in public relations
    666. Adult training
    667. Sales personnel training services
    668. Sales training services
    669. Education academy services
    670. Academies [education]
    671. Educational and training services relating to sport
    672. Educational and instruction services relating to sport
    673. Educational and instruction services relating to arts and crafts
    674. Education and training services in relation to business management
    675. Training in business management
    676. Training in the field of advertising
    677. Training in the field of communication technologies
    678. Education in the field of art rendered through correspondence courses
    679. Education services relating to vocational training
    680. Education services relating to waiting
    681. Educational services for providing courses of education
    682. Educational services relating to textile manufacture
    683. Educational seminars
    684. Educational testing
    685. Courses (Training -) relating to customer services
    686. Residential education courses
    687. Educational courses relating to design
    688. Education information
    689. Provision of educational examinations and tests
    690. Educational research
    691. Education services for imparting language teaching methods
    692. Educational services relating to the teaching of foreign languages
    693. Manufacturing training services
    694. Educational services for providing courses of instruction
    695. Education services relating to the cinema
    696. Training services relating to design
    697. Education services relating to customer satisfaction
    698. Education services relating to communication skills
    699. Education services relating to industry
    700. Education services relating to design
    701. Education services relating to business training
    702. Training services in the field of project management
    703. Education services in the form of music television programmes
    704. Educational services in the nature of coaching
    705. Educational services for teaching acting
    706. Education services relating to fashion
    707. Education services for managerial staff
    708. Hire of teaching materials
    709. Awarding of educational certificates
    710. Development of educational courses and examinations
    711. Educational services provided by universities
    712. Educational services provided by institutes of further education
    713. Educational services provided by institutes of higher education
    714. Educational services provided by senior high schools
    715. Educational services provided by colleges
    716. Educational services provided by special needs assistants
    717. Education services relating to water
    718. Education services relating to modelling
    719. Education services relating to commerce
    720. Educational services relating to management
    721. Workshops for educational purposes
    722. Workshops for training purposes
    723. Adult education services relating to commerce
    724. Adult education services relating to management
    725. Wine tasting events for educational purposes
    726. Wine tastings [educational services]
    727. Postgraduate training courses
    728. Further education
    729. Development of educational materials
    730. Developing educational manuals
    731. Rental of teaching instruments
    732. Educational materials or apparatus (Rental of -)
    733. Vocational education and training services
    734. Vocational education for young people
    735. Holiday camp services [entertainment]
    736. Disc jockeys for parties and special events
    737. Organising events for entertainment purposes
    738. Arranging of festivals for cultural purposes
    739. Festivals (Organisation of -) for recreational purposes
    740. Organising of sporting events, competitions and sporting tournaments
    741. Organising events for cultural purposes
    742. Providing cultural activities
    743. Provision of live shows
    744. Organisation of live performances
    745. Arranging of musical events
    746. Arranging of music performances
    747. Rental services relating to equipment and facilities for education, entertainment, sports and culture
    748. Arranging, conducting and organisation of concerts
    749. Arranging and conducting of wine tasting events for entertainment purposes
    750. Arranging and presenting of live performances
    751. Arranging for students to participate in recreational activities
    752. Organisation of Webinars
    753. Organisation of outings for entertainment
    754. Organisation of educational activities for summer camps
    755. Arranging of entertainment shows
    756. Provision of entertainment services through the media of audio tapes
    757. Organisation of entertainment activities for summer camps
    758. Organisation of entertainment and cultural events
    759. Corporate hospitality (entertainment)
    760. Organising of entertainment
    761. Arranging of contests
    762. Provision of television news shows
    763. Organization of shows [impresario services]
    764. Organisation of shows
    765. Organisation of recreational tournaments
    766. Arranging of presentations for entertainment purposes
    767. Arranging of presentations for cultural purposes
    768. Organisation of musical competitions
    769. Audio-visual display presentation services for educational purposes
    770. Entertainer services
    771. Artistic direction of performing artists
    772. Artistic management of theatre shows
    773. Artistic management of musical shows
    774. Arranging and conducting of concerts
    775. Organisation of group recreational activities
    776. Organisation and holding of fairs for cultural or educational purposes
    777. Arranging of visual entertainment
    778. Arranging of visual and musical entertainment
    779. Hosting [organising] awards relating to television
    780. Arranging of pageants
    781. Arranging of festivals for entertainment purposes
    782. Organizing and presenting displays of entertainment relating to style and fashion
    783. Arranging and conducting of entertainment events
    784. Arranging and conducting of entertainment activities
    785. Arranging and conducting of meetings in the field of entertainment
    786. Arranging and conducting of music concerts
    787. Arranging and conducting of live entertainment events
    788. Arranging and conducting of cultural activities
    789. Booking of performing artists for events (services of a promoter)
    790. Booking of entertainment halls
    791. Booking of sports personalities for events (services of a promoter)
    792. Booking of seats for shows and booking of theatre tickets
    793. Booking of seats for concerts
    794. Booking of seats for shows and sports events
    795. Concert booking
    796. Booking of seats for shows
    797. Cinematographic entertainment services
    798. Cinema theaters
    799. Box office services
    800. Ticket information services for shows
    801. Ticket information services for entertainment events
    802. On-line ticket agency services for entertainment purposes
    803. Ticket agency services [entertainment]
    804. Reservation services for theatre tickets
    805. Reservation services for show tickets
    806. Ticket reservation for cultural events
    807. Ticket procurement services for entertainment events
    808. Ballet shows
    809. Audio-visual display presentation services for entertainment purposes
    810. Balloon decorating services
    811. Performance of dance, music and drama
    812. Entertainment booking services
    813. Theatre booking services
    814. Reservation services for concert tickets
    815. Reservation services for concert and theatre tickets
    816. Ticketing and event booking services
    817. Booking agency services for theatre tickets
    818. Booking agencies concert tickets
    819. Booking agency services for cinema tickets
    820. Theatrical booking agencies
    821. Showing of films
    822. Movie studio services
    823. Cinema presentations
    824. Film distribution
    825. Organisation of parties
    826. Party planning [entertainment]
    827. Party planning
    828. Running of museums
    829. Conducting of film festivals
    830. Screenplay writing
    831. Performing of music and singing
    832. Presentation of live entertainment performances
    833. Presentation of live performances
    834. Audio-visual display presentations
    835. Interviewing of contemporary figures for entertainment purposes
    836. Interactive entertainment services
    837. Movie schedule information services
    838. Information and advisory services relating to entertainment
    839. Information relating to cultural activities
    840. Recreation information
    841. Tutoring
    842. Conducting of entertainment events
    843. Conducting of entertainment activities
    844. Conducting of live entertainment events
    845. Conducting of cultural events
    846. Conducting of cultural activities
    847. Songwriting
    848. Cultural activities
    849. Cultural services
    850. Consultancy services in the field of entertainment provided via the Internet
    851. Consultancy services in the field of entertainment
    852. Consultancy and information services relating to arranging, conducting and organisation of concerts
    853. Special event planning consultation
    854. Party planning consultation
    855. Art gallery services provided on-line via a telecommunications link
    856. Art gallery services
    857. Live musical concerts
    858. Comedy club services
    859. Club services [entertainment or education]
    860. Preparation of special effects for entertainment purposes
    861. Staging of light entertainment productions
    862. Production of cabarets
    863. Mural art painting services
    864. Museum services relating to microscopy
    865. Museum curator services
    866. Museum services
    867. Song writing services
    868. Lighting technician services for events
    869. Lighting productions for entertainment purposes
    870. Audio entertainment services
    871. Audio and video production, and photography
    872. Live entertainment
    873. Live demonstrations for entertainment
    874. Leasing of interactive and digital compression television equipment
    875. Lease of scenery
    876. Organisation of live musical performances
    877. Organisation of congresses and conferences for cultural and educational purposes
    878. Entertainment agency services
    879. Television viewing guide services
    880. Entertainment information
    881. Nightclub services [entertainment]
    882. Musical entertainment
    883. Organising of shows for entertainment purposes
    884. Organization of shows for cultural purposes
    885. Organising of stage shows
    886. Organising of recreational events
    887. Organising of meetings in the field of entertainment
    888. Organization of cultural shows
    889. Organisation of cultural activities for summer camps
    890. Organizing cultural and arts events
    891. Organising of festivals
    892. Fetes (Organisation of -) for educational purposes
    893. Fetes (Organisation of -) for entertainment purposes
    894. Fetes (Organisation of -) for recreational purposes
    895. Fetes (Organisation of -) for cultural purposes
    896. Organisation of recreational activities
    897. Organisation and presentation of shows
    898. Presentation of concerts
    899. Portrait painting
    900. Popular entertainment services
    901. Planning and conducting of parties [entertainment]
    902. Planning of movie shows
    903. Organizing and arranging exhibitions for entertainment purposes
    904. Organisation of entertainment services
    905. Organisation of events for cultural, entertainment and sporting purposes
    906. Production of stage shows
    907. Production of music concerts
    908. Production of music shows
    909. Production of live entertainment events
    910. Production of live performances
    911. Production of live shows
    912. Production of comedy shows
    913. Production of film studies
    914. Production of documentaries
    915. Production of live television programmes for education
    916. Production of live television programmes for entertainment
    917. Production of live television programmes
    918. Presentation of musical concerts
    919. Presentation of musical performances
    920. Presentation of operas
    921. Presentation of live entertainment events
    922. Advisory services relating to entertainment
    923. Ticket reservation and booking services for music concerts
    924. Providing recreation facilities
    925. Information services relating to recreation
    926. Satellite television series
    927. Production of entertainment shows featuring singers
    928. Production of entertainment shows featuring instrumentalists
    929. Production of entertainment shows featuring dancers and singers
    930. Production of entertainment shows featuring dancers
    931. Production of plays
    932. Production of shows
    933. Singing concert services
    934. Sporting and cultural activities
    935. Providing on-line non-downloadable images
    936. Providing on-line non-downloadable audio content
    937. Providing performing arts theater facilities
    938. Subtitling
    939. Television entertainment
    940. Telephone conversation services for entertainment purposes
    941. Telephone information services relating to entertainment
    942. Theatrical floor shows provided at performance venues
    943. Theatre entertainment
    944. Theatre services
    945. Theatre productions
    946. Theater production
    947. Provision of online information relating to audio and visual media
    948. Providing information about cultural activities
    949. Information about entertainment and entertainment events provided via online networks and the Internet
    950. Provision of information relating to movies
    951. Provision of non-downloadable films
    952. Provision of non-downloadable films and television programs via pay television
    953. Provision of non-downloadable films and television programs via pay-per-view television channels
    954. Provision of entertainment information by electronic means
    955. Provision of entertainment information via television, broadband, wireless and on-line services
    956. Provision of entertainment information via the Internet
    957. Providing entertainment information
    958. Providing entertainment in the nature of film clips via a website
    959. Providing television programmes, not downloadable, via video-on-demand services
    960. Providing museum facilities and services
    961. Providing dance hall facilities
    962. Provision of audio and visual media via communications networks
    963. Provision of live entertainment
    964. Live show production services
    965. Ticket reservation and booking services for entertainment events
    966. Ticket reservation and booking services for theater shows
    967. Ticket reservation and booking services for sporting events
    968. Ticket reservation and booking services for cultural events
    969. Ticket reservation and booking services for recreational and leisure events
    970. Providing video entertainment via a website
    971. Provision of radio and television entertainment services
    972. Entertainment services relating to competitions
    973. Entertainment by film
    974. Entertainment services in the nature of arranging social entertainment events
    975. Entertainment services in the nature of organizing social entertainment events
    976. Entertainment by means of concerts
    977. Entertainment services for matching users with audio and video recordings
    978. Entertainment services for sharing audio and video recordings
    979. Entertainment services
    980. Entertainment, education and instruction services
    981. Entertainment, sporting and cultural activities
    982. Provision of entertainment via podcast
    983. Entertainment relating to wine tasting
    984. Entertainment services provided by hotels
    985. Entertainment provided during intervals of sporting events
    986. Entertainment provided via a global communication network
    987. Entertainment services provided at country clubs
    988. Entertainment services in the nature of competitions
    989. Entertainment services in the form of concert performances
    990. Entertainment services in the form of musical group performances
    991. Club recreation facilities (Provision of -)
    992. Provision of information relating to television programmes
    993. Providing facilities for entertainment
    994. Recreational camps
    995. Providing facilities for movies, shows, plays, music or educational training
    996. Provision of entertainment services through the media of video-films
    997. Provision of entertainment services through the media of publications
    998. Provision of rooms for entertainment
    999. Provision of entertainment facilities in hotels
    1000. Provision of entertainment facilities
    1001. Entertainment provided via the internet
    1002. Provision of on-line entertainment
    1003. Provision of theatre facilities
    1004. Provision of recreational activities
    1005. Provision of museum facilities
    1006. Rental of show scenery
    1007. Rental of stage scenery
    1008. Rental of lighting apparatus for theatrical sets
    1009. Rental of lighting apparatus for theatrical sets or television studios
    1010. Lighting apparatus for television (Rental of -)
    1011. Educational services provided by schools
    1012. Rental of lighting apparatus for theatre
    1013. Education and training in the field of music and entertainment
    1014. Education and instruction
    1015. Preparation of entertainment programmes for broadcasting
    1016. Preparation of entertainment programmes for the cinema
    1017. Preparation of news programmes for the cinema
    1018. Rental of amusement machines and apparatus
    1019. Rental of theatre scenery
    1020. Rental of paintings and calligraphic works
    1021. Rental of audio equipment
    1022. Rental of sound recordings
    1023. Rental of sound and image recordings
    1024. Rental of costumes [theatrical or masquerade]
    1025. Rental of artwork
    1026. Workshops for cultural purposes
    1027. Hosting [organising] awards
    1028. Hosting [organising] awards relating to films
    1029. Hosting [organising] awards relating to videos
    1030. Showing of prerecorded entertainment
    1031. Wine tastings [entertainment services]
    1032. Video entertainment services
    1033. Video library services
    1034. Education, entertainment and sports
    1035. Rental of audio/visual and photographic equipment and facilities
    1036. Rental of sports equipment and facilities.